Book Review Of A Tale Of Love And Darkness – By Amos Oz

a candle in the darknessIn this moving, extraordinary story by Amos Oz, there is a strong focus on two powerful forces in both love and darkness. This is a seductive journey that takes the reader through his childhood as well as his adolescence, throughout the war-town Jerusalem streets in the 1940s and 50s and then into a complex marriage between his parents.

On one side you have his father who is logical and fussy while on the other side you have his mother who is romantic and dreamy. Right between these two forces is a small boy that holds the weight of many on his shoulders and the tragic heart of this story falls on the suicide of his mother when Amos was only twelve and a half.

Amos Oz’s story goes right into a story and family history that includes the love/hate affair between Jewish society and Europe to include regions like Odessa and Vilna all the way to Israel. Just a few aspects that keep up this magical portrait include heartbreak, farce, humanity and history.

This is an artist that was able to see the birth of a nation while breaking through into a life of his own. This is truly a memoir that is quite like no other and one that you will surely want to read again and again.

From Novel to Movie

In a film that emerged from the book and directed by Natalie Portman, this tragic and enthralling autobiographical epic comes through from the best-selling author of Israel, Amos Oz.

This is a story that works on a historical, political and philosophical level. However, this book’s success comes where the themes come in, how they are translated and how they all relate. The experiences and all of the other aspects impact both Oz and his family.

Overall, this story comes with a sad and moving undertone that stems all the way back to the recollection of his grandparents.

The story is very much about the manner in which Oz searches for understanding as to why his mother committed suicide and the impact that it had on his life.

If you are looking to learn more about the birth of Israel, Palestine or the Holocaust, there are many more books available today that will go further into detail. However, you are going to get more of the ecstasy and emptiness of these events and how they mould into this incredibly personal story about a boy, his life, and his family.


This was a very interesting read and it dives right into the history of the region while bringing about a much more involved understanding of the feelings and psyche of a lot of the first Jewish citizens to make their way to Israel. This is a book that revealed the symbolism of new settlers that were learning for their homeland and torn between looking for a new homeland in the face of such diversity and mounting anti-Semitism.

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