A Review of Leil Lowndes Book, How to Make Anyone Fall in Love With You: 85 Proven Techniques for Success

two young people in loveThis book is well written and is quite a fascinating walk-through that attempts to expose the ingredients necessary to make anyone fall head over heals for you.

Leil Lowndes’ book ultimately disbands the belief that we as human beings don’t have any control over who we fall in love with. Instead, Leil suggests that there are indeed things we can do to make ourselves firstly more attractive and also to display characteristics and qualities that the opposite sex would find desirable.

Leil Lowndes, a world-renowned relationships expert, writes the guide in a witty manner, revealing tricks and secrets that enable you to ensnare anyone you desire, or so she claims.

The book is certainly brimming with interesting information. Most of the insights are based on sociological research, psychological principles and the study of human behaviour. In particular, body language, sexuality and the communication between males and females.

The book not only teaches the reader how to make someone fall in love with you, but it also has tips on how to make a person feel butterflies in their tummy. As we now know, our emotions are guided by our feelings and so, if we are able to evoke these kinds of feelings in another person then we are more likely to trigger their process for falling in love.

The book doesn’t stop there. It also shares insightful tips on dating and even how to delight your partner in the bedroom!

What I liked about this book is that it has substantial roots in social research and the study of human behaviour. This is a nice change from many similar books that are currently in circulation.

Leil conveys her message in an entertaining way with delightful anecdotes, which sometimes create humorous imagery for the reader.

This book is an enjoyable and easy read. I wold imagine that many people would enjoy delving into the book several times after the first read.

The book has many positive reviews from people who have tried the techniques suggested by Leil to conclusive effect. I also tried some of the techniques with my partner, and it did seem to have a positive impact.

Regardless if there is much mileage in the actual techniques, reading Lowndes’ book certainly does cause you to look at people and your social interactions in a different way, which is helpful.

Beyond dating, love and attraction, Lowndes’ book can also be a positive benefit to people looking to improve their social skills. This is because the book gives the reader a real insight into how we communicate, not just with our words but also with our body language and through implication.

The techniques could indeed be viewed as manipulative. However, I think this is only dependent upon the intentions of the user. Having a greater insight into how people function socially could certainly be beneficial in many aspects of life, including business.

The book is suitable for both men and women as it gives an excellent overview of human social interaction and explains principles that apply to both sexes.

However, for women, the book is especially helpful in bringing an understanding to how men fall in love and how that differs to women. For men, on the other hand, they will more likely gain valuable tips on how to converse with women to keep their interest.

About the Author
Leil Lowndes has world recognition as an expert in communication and has also held conferences on the subject of effective communication for prominent companies in the USA, freeing governments and even the US Peace Corps. Leil is also known for her appearances on a multitude of radio and TV shows.

Fianl Thoughts

This is a great book to help to understand human behaviour with regards to love, dating and relationships. It will also help you to understand better, more effective ways of communicating with your partner or an intended lover.

Nicely written, which makes it an enjoyable read and the information is very helpful for helping both men and women spark the romantic connection with a member of the opposite sex.

If you prefer to listen to the audio book then I have included it below.

A Review of Love And Treasure By Ayelet Waldman

a book of love and romanceThese characters include a groundbreaking psychiatrist in 1914 Budapest, a captain in the US Army during the Second World War, and a contemporary art trader born in Israel. The mysterious questions raised by the peacock and its story lead the characters — and the reader — to ponder the meaning of gifts and treasures when they are ripped away from the people who first cherished them?

Waldman’s story spirits the reader through a turbulent century of European (and global) politics and culture, starting in fin-de-siecle Budapest, staying over in Salzburg in the aftermath of the war, and coming to rest at last in modern New York. At the beginning of the tale, the peacock pendant is a token of friendship. Before the story is over, it will become a symbol of love, a talisman of misfortune, and more. Each of the characters that encounters this central object is dramatically changed by the experience.

Love and Treasure stretch across multiple continents embrace the history of an entire century and delves deeply into the worlds of psychoanalysis, art, and feminism. Most importantly, it retains real insight into ordinary human feelings against the backdrop of its historical sweep. It’s a definite triumph for Waldman, and it’s no wonder that The Guardian called Love and Treasure both ambitious and perceptive.

The book is difficult to put down once the reader gets caught up in its enthralling narrative. The events unfold in dramatic rather than chronological order, sending the reader back and forth across the decades to look closely at the forces at work before, during, and after the Holocaust. The author is careful to paint compelling portraits of her characters even as they grapple with the 20th century’s weightiest issues.

The story begins with Natalie Stein, a divorcee striving to find some meaning in her life by locating the heir of a little-known relic from WWII. As Waldman confidently weaves Stein’s story into those of the other women who have come into contact with the novel’s central pendant, she delights the reader with different aspects of a story that is at times a romance, at times a thriller, and even at times a historical text.

Beyond being a book about women, or about Jews, or about the early days of psychoanalysis, Love and Treasure are most of all about what it means to be human — and to remain so — in the face of both triumph and tragedy. No shortage of novels deal with the Holocaust, but few tackle the subject with such ambition and subtlety as Waldman’s book.

Short Book Review on Elif Shafak´s The Forty Rules of Love

an Indian couple in loveElla Rubenstein seems to have everything a woman would need to feel as if her life is fulfilled; she should feel secure and confident. She has a husband, three teenagers and a lovely home however Ella’s life feels empty at the core, where once was filled with love is now bare.

Ella is shocked when she reads a manuscript on the thirteenth century Sufi poet and the Shams of Tabriz on his forty rules of love and life. She leaves her family behind and sets off on a journey in which she hopes to meet this mysterious author that has sparked her interest through his writing.

This will be a quest full of Sufi poetry and mysticism, one which will lead Ella into an exotic world brimming with the heartbreaking exploration of faith and love.

This book received great reviews from sources such as The Times and the Daily Telegraph. However, this book although at first fascinating quickly turned into a tragic farce. In the end the protagonist, Ella, relying on not only the teachings of Sufi love but also a superficial overlay of Islamic Beliefs to commit adultery.

Sufism advocates Self-abandonment; this was more along the lines of glorification of self-indulgence. This in no way glorifies the love of God, but greater motivates one to give in to their lower desires not stopping to consider how this may affect anyone else.

Ella seems to behave in either a dormant manner or completely egotistical, she is either putting up with the infidelities of her husband or leaving her family behind to delve into infidelities of her own. God in the form of love symbolizes among so many things honor, fidelity, duty and dignity all of which are completely thrown away.

She chooses to instead of rekindling love within her marriage with her husband who has been with her for over twenty years and with whom she has had three children to run away with a man she barely knows. This is not real love but more of a form of hopeless escapism. However, taken as a fictional fantasy for the reader to indulge in escapism, this can be a great read.

There is a term which was coined by the Greeks — agape which stands for a love of God, enlightened beings for each other that is spiritual, divine and unconditional, in this book the author clearly confuses agape with Eros.

For it’s good points, the author is a talented and delightful storyteller who makes this seductive portrayal an indulging read. However, the tendencies of the heroin are basically destructive and narcissistic, which is something that Sufism is not.

About the Author

Elif Shafak is an award-winning novelist and is known as the most read female writer in Turkey. Here writings are both in English and Turkish, and she has published a total of thirteen books, nine of them are novels. For more information look at her page www.elifshafak.com.


This book is a great read for someone who wants to escape into the fantasy of being able to throw caution to the wind and follow your primal instincts without regard for the consequences. However, it is not a good reflection of the spirit of Sufism.

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