The Promised Land – by Roberta Kagan

This is a gripping book set during post-World War II era.

The story begins with Zofia Weiss, who was robbed of all she held dear during the Holocaust. She lost her home; her friends were all killed, and the Secret State Police imprisoned the man she loved. After Zofia had searched through many displaced people in the camps, she found nothing. She was sure that her lover was dead. Only her life, her dream, and a terrifying secret remain. Zofia sneaks aboard the Exodus, which is bound for Palestine.

With a group of emaciated Jewish survivors, she sets forth to find what is known as The Promised Land. In spite of her renewed hope, she lives in fear since the person who knows her deep dark secret is an SS Officer that is sadistic and holds the power to ruin further her life and that of an innocent Lebenshborn child.

When the Nuremberg trials go forth and convict the officer of crimes against humanity, she finally feels free. She does her best to raise the gorgeous girl that has been entrusted to her care. As the child turns into a woman, she will find true love and belong in this post-war civilization, or, will she find out the terrible secret of her heritage and be torn apart?

Sadly, I have just finished this sequel to My Sunshine, and now it’s at an end. As fantastic as this is, both books are excellent in fact, the characters are very believable. It’s a great read and ideal for men and women. Roberta Kagan is a great author and now counted amongst my favorites. Perfect as a companion to the Exodus novel regarding the Jews and Israel.

Back-Story to the Novel

It’s important to note that Roberta Kagan also has a pen name of Carli Lauren (for young adult reads) and Veronika Knight (for mysteries and paranormal reads).

There is an interesting back-story to these brilliant novels that she has created. As a child, Roberta’s mother had a black suitcase, which she kept in the basement that Roberta wasn’t allowed to open. Of course, the first thing you tell a child not to do is the first thing that said the child is going to do, so she just felt compelled to open it.

One afternoon, while her mother was out, Roberta snuck down to the basement to see what mysteries lay inside the black suitcase. Inside she found old photographs and letters. The letters were in a foreign language. She couldn’t help but to know more, so she confessed her crime, asking her mother about it, and it was then that she discovered that her entire extended family had been killed in Germany during the Holocaust. Her father, a Romany also lost his family during this period as well. Thus started her fascination and search for the truth. She wrote several novels and a short story during this time frame. All are under her actual name of Roberta Kagan.


This is a great book and well worth the read. If it grabs you as it did me, then no doubt you will find yourself compelled to read the more from Roberta Kagen.


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