How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back by John Alexander – A Book Review

a woman kissing her boyfriendThe new book, ‘How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back’ by John Alexander is now on Amazon and is receiving a mix of reviews. So we thought we’d give it a read to see what we think about it. We know our readers love to hear what he have to say about this kind of books so we thought this one might be of interest to many female readers out there.

Firstly, the book starts off with a lot of good tips. However, in our opinion, a lot of them are either just common sense or can be found on the internet for free, like this article which gives a lot of good information. That being said, they are good tips nevertheless and this is a great book for perhaps the younger generation who have not had as much experience with relationships. When it comes to this subject, websites like Cosmopolitan, the American Dating Society and Marie Claire give a lot of great relationship and couples advice for free.

An overview

The book is quite a quick read and most people will be able to get through it in two to three hours. The book does have some rather big claims though, like being able to get your ex-boyfriend back in as little as seven days regardless of how difficult, awkward or complicated the situation. Well, that is a stretch for most people. In our opinion, this book will get you started in the right direction, but will it get you across the finish line? Perhaps not in every scenario.

Self-improvement after a relationship

For self-development and self-improvement after a relationship breakup, this book is great. There are lots of tips that will certainly help your confidence and lift your spirit during this difficult time, which is of course needed in trying to recover a broken relationship or in moving on from one. Despite this, there is a lack of “ah hah” moments that really get a woman thinking, ‘yes, I can do this’. If you are currently in need of repairing and rebuilding your self confidence then please see this article here.

The famous ‘no contact rule‘ is quoted a few times, which is no surprise. As effective as this technique is, there is lots of good info on the no contact rule online. Having said that, the book certainly wouldn’t be complete without it.

What we thought would be really useful is if the author talked about more scenarios in detail with step-by-step walk-throughs of how to handle them and what to say. We did like the descriptions and use of the handwritten letter and also the phone call and voicemail messages to leave. This is all really important stuff, but it would have been helped along if the timing of exactly when to do these things was included.

This video also talks about another course called the Magic of Making Up, which also uses the handwritten letter technique. Many people have claimed that this method is highly effective when done correctly.


Overall, we really liked the book and think it’s a great read. The book certainly lifts your spirits if you’re going through this kind of situation. If you have recently broken up with your boyfriend then this book is a great starting place and will certainly help you get through the early stages of the trauma and onto doing more practical things with your time that will help to improve your self-confidence and also go towards getting him back for real.

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