A Review of Leil Lowndes Book, How to Make Anyone Fall in Love With You: 85 Proven Techniques for Success

two young people in loveThis book is well written and is quite a fascinating walk-through that attempts to expose the ingredients necessary to make anyone fall in love with you.

Leil Lowndes’ book ultimately disbands the belief that we as human beings don’t have any control over who we fall in love with. Instead, Leil suggests that there are indeed things we can do to make ourselves firstly more attractive and also to display characteristics and qualities that the opposite sex would find desirable.

Leil Lowndes, a world-renowned relationships expert, writes the guide in a witty manner, revealing tricks and secrets that enable you to ensnare anyone you desire, or so she claims.

The book is definitely brimming with interesting information, most of which is based on sociological research studying the behaviour of humans, body language, sexuality and the communication between males and females.

The book not only teaches the reader how to make someone fall in love with you, but it also has tips on how to make a person feel butterflies in their tummy, how to make a good first impression and even advice on how to drive your partner crazy in the bedroom!

What I liked about this book is that it has substantial roots in social research and the study of human behaviour. This is a nice change from many similar books that are currently in circulation.

Leil conveys her message in an entertaining way with delightful anecdotes, which sometimes create humorous imagery for the reader. The book is an easy read and is something that the reader may want to keep to refer to in the future.

The book has many positive reviews from people who have tried the techniques suggested by Leil to conclusive effect. I also tried some of the techniques with my partner, and it did seem to have a positive impact.

Regardless if there is much mileage in the actual techniques, reading Lowndes’ book certainly does cause you to look at people and your social interactions in a different way, which is helpful.

Beyond dating, love and attraction, Lowndes’ book can also be a positive benefit to people looking to improve their social skills. This is because the book gives the reader a real insight into how we communicate, not just with our words but also with our body language and through implication.

The techniques could indeed be viewed as manipulative. However, I think this is only dependent upon the intentions of the user. Having a greater insight into how people function socially could certainly be beneficial in many aspects of life, including business.

The book is suitable for both men and women as it gives an excellent overview of human social interaction and explains principles that apply to both sexes. However, due to the sociological and cultural etiquette of dating, women may find more value in the book with regards to how to make a man fall in love, whereas men will probably get more mileage from learning about approaching, conversing and attracting a woman.

About the Author
Leil Lowndes has world recognition as an expert in communication and has also held conferences on the subject of effective communication for prominent companies in the USA, freeing governments and even the US Peace Corps. Leil is also known for her appearances on a multitude of radio and TV shows.


A great book to help to understand human communication and behaviour with regards to love, dating and relationships. Nicely written, which makes it an enjoyable read and the information is very helpful for helping both men and women spark the romantic connection with a member of the opposite sex.

Here is the audio version of the book

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