The Scorpio Man In Love – A Book Review

the scorpio zodiac symbolOur horoscope book review begins with the sign on the Scorpio. So why are we starting with this enigmatic water sign? Well, mainly because the Scorpio is a deeply passionate and intense sign capable of great love and deep emotional feelings so we thought it fitting that this sign, in particular, fits in with the genre of our book reviews.

The book we are reviewing today is called; “The Scorpio Man In Love“. Well, with such a title, the book certainly promises to deliver a lot so we thought we’d check it out.

Inside The Book

Firstly, we can see why such a book needed to be written in the first place. Due to the intense and mysterious nature of the Scorpio, it can often be difficult to read them and their intentions. This can often make it difficult for women to know a Scorpio’s true feelings, which can often be half the battle.

The book promises to give a deeper insight into the mind of Scorpio men in particular and enable women to attract the Scorpio they want and even get him to fall in love. When we took a look at these chapters, it became clear that the primary methods outlined to achieve this are firstly based on getting a deep understanding of the Scorpio male psyche and then learning strategies and ‘best practices’ for talking to and dealing with a Scorpio to make yourself appear much more attractive in his eyes. Definitely, a good place to start!

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Dissected

This is a critical place to start when getting to understand the qualities and temperament of the Scorpio. Like any other zodiac sign, Scorpio’s have certain ways of thinking, acting and being, some of which can confuse some people. The book delves into detail on these characteristics and explains exactly what they mean. From here, the author discusses tactics and approaches to use in order to make the Scorpio feel drawn and attracted to you.

The book then continues on to explain specific things that you can actually do that are likely to be perceived as attractive to the Scorpio. Of course, this chapter would not be complete unless the book also explained things you should avoid. Well, it does; the book then explains all the things you should NOT be doing in front of a Scorpio, which is sure to put them off you. This information is vital if you’re wanting to form a long-lasting bond and love connection with a Scorpio man.

In A Relationship

For those of you who are already in a romantic partnership with a Scorpionic male, then you will certainly want to read the chapters on improving your relationship with him, getting him to commit to you and ultimately fall in love with you too.

When getting him to fall in love with you, the first thing to do is to look for the classic love signs of a Scorpio. These are the indications that he is already starting to fall for you. If this is the case, then pushing him over the edge will not take too much more work on your part.

With a detailed explanation of what makes this kind of guy tick, author Giselle Trombley takes you through the nature and psyche of your man so you can better understand him and fulfil his needs and wants in the relationship. Many relationship experts agree that one of the primary reasons successful, long-term relationships work is because the couple understands each other’s needs and values and aim to fulfil them for their partner. This brings about a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfilment, which in turn will create the partner to want to reciprocate and fulfil the needs and wants of their partner too. Armed with the deep knowledge of your partner’s star sign will help you to do this on a much more profound level.

The Price

Considering the price of many books in the astrology genre, this book is extremely reasonable at only $2.99 for Kindle users. This is exceptional value due to the level of depth in the content. So, at this price, the book is absolutely worth a look. You’ve got virtually nothing to lose!


This book is a great, and fairly quick read for anyone looking to attract or deepen a relationship with a Scorpio man. There are some great key take-always inside, but the book does lack depth and understanding for the reader. You can by the book on Amazon here. For more insight into the Scorpio sign, click here.

A Review of Love And Treasure By Ayelet Waldman

a book of love and romanceThese characters include a groundbreaking psychiatrist in 1914 Budapest, a captain in the US Army during the Second World War, and a contemporary art trader born in Israel. The mysterious questions raised by the peacock and its story lead the characters — and the reader — to ponder the meaning of gifts and treasures when they are ripped away from the people who first cherished them?

Waldman’s story spirits the reader through a turbulent century of European (and global) politics and culture, starting in fin-de-siecle Budapest, staying over in Salzburg in the aftermath of the war, and coming to rest at last in modern New York. At the beginning of the tale, the peacock pendant is a token of friendship. Before the story is over, it will become a symbol of love, a talisman of misfortune, and more. Each of the characters that encounters this central object is dramatically changed by the experience.

Love and Treasure stretch across multiple continents embrace the history of an entire century and delves deeply into the worlds of psychoanalysis, art, and feminism. Most importantly, it retains real insight into ordinary human feelings against the backdrop of its historical sweep. It’s a definite triumph for Waldman, and it’s no wonder that The Guardian called Love and Treasure both ambitious and perceptive.

The book is difficult to put down once the reader gets caught up in its enthralling narrative. The events unfold in dramatic rather than chronological order, sending the reader back and forth across the decades to look closely at the forces at work before, during, and after the Holocaust. The author is careful to paint compelling portraits of her characters even as they grapple with the 20th century’s weightiest issues.

The story begins with Natalie Stein, a divorcee striving to find some meaning in her life by locating the heir of a little-known relic from WWII. As Waldman confidently weaves Stein’s story into those of the other women who have come into contact with the novel’s central pendant, she delights the reader with different aspects of a story that is at times a romance, at times a thriller, and even at times a historical text.

Beyond being a book about women, or about Jews, or about the early days of psychoanalysis, Love and Treasure are most of all about what it means to be human — and to remain so — in the face of both triumph and tragedy. No shortage of novels deal with the Holocaust, but few tackle the subject with such ambition and subtlety as Waldman’s book.

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